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Rebecca Matthews
Stablility Yoga
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Welcome to Stability Yoga

This kinesiology based practice will educate and create awareness to help you find healing and wholeness in your body, increase physical stability, internal and structural strength and energetic vitality. It's mindfulness, a balance of doing and receiving that creates flexibility and optimal alignment in our bodies, minds, hearts and lives.

Having Fibromyalgia and chronic pain, I would like to help those with these conditions become more independent and find alternative ways to live their lives. I wish for my clients to embrace their own uniqueness and beauty inside.

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Physical Practice:

Focuses on a base group of postures that safely increase stability, coordination and movement control in the body.

  1. Become aware of muscle imbalances, limitations & habitual movement patterns
  2. Practice better body mechanics by strengthening mind/muscle connections
  3. Integrate safe and efficient body movement patterns
  4. Strengthen the roots of your core musculoskeletal system

Energetic Practice:

Breathing techniques, mantras and mudras are taught with a meditative focus.

  1. Breath awareness is the energetic bridge to the body and mind
  2. Balance emotions and clarify the mind
  3. Flow of breath in postural movement benefits the neuromuscular system
  4. You can reverse the body’s stress response by changing how you breathe, restoring well being and promoting happiness

Meditative/Guided Relaxation Practice:
  1. Mindfulness meditation decreases suffering with cognitive disengagement that involves letting go of control
  2. You can better deal with pain and calm the nervous system
  3. Feel pain or anticipatory emotions and decrease their feeling value in the body
  4. Nervous system training to help minimize discomfort physically, mentally and emotionally

Stability yoga offered thru:
Privates Classes
Teacher Intensives

About Rebecca

Rebecca Matthews is a certified Yoga Therapist through Inner Peace Yoga Therapy, a 500-hour registered yoga teacher, Meditation Teacher through the Deep Calm with Elesa Commerse, Pain Care Specialist with Neil Pearson, Life is Now Pain Care. She has been teaching yoga and taking multiple trainings and workshops for the past fifteen years in Chicago and Colorado. Having Fibromyalgia and chronic pain, Rebecca fully understands the challenges and frustrations of daily living. Her extensive studies, education and understanding of how to heal her own body has enabled her to help people with chronic pain live in their body with more peace, joy and stillness.

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Why Stability Yoga Therapy?


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